Vegan & Eco

That’s right, everything is Vegan🌱 We make things for everyone, so there’s no animal anything in our handmade goods.

I’m Karlee, the shop owner. I’m a passionate Vegan and have brought it to every single area of Treasure Studios. Even with completely unique requests, I’ll make absolutely sure. I’ll leave no stone unturned when it comes to sourcing my wedding product materials and ensuring their origins are cruelty free.  Animals are friends, not favours!

–  Karlee Gould, Treasure Studios Creator

All printer inks used to provide wedding invitations are completely plant based at TS. Vegi inks are so much better for the environment and are sustainable. Plus, they don’t include our furry critter friends. You also won’t find any animal based additives in our glues (mostly used for envelope closures), paper dyes or anything else.

♻ Eco Friendly Too

Nearly everything sold here will be recyclable (including the wrapping and parcel packaging) and a vast majority of the papers and cards used are from recycled sources. TS is building a beautiful selection of Wedding Stationery, aiming to use only recycled materials in the future. Producing as little waste as possible is an ideal we’re working towards and eventually these products will be phased out. Zero waste is the ultimate aim!

100% Carbon Neutral Website

Our UK based website is hosted by a 100% carbon balanced provider. They buy only wind-farm energy to run their servers and frequently give back to the grid. Could this be the most Eco-friendly event stationery ever? Yep, we’re getting there, that’s for sure!

Let’s build a better world.