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5 Fun Things to Add to Your Wedding Invitations

Have a look at 5 things you can add to your wedding invitations to make them a little bit more fun.

Are you the type of couple who don’t take much too seriously? Good, there should be more of you in the world.

Formal Invitations. They have rules here and rules there, about what you should and shouldn’t do. I say, shake off the rules and add yourself a little bit of quirk! After all, the day is about celebrating love right? Shouldn’t that be super fun?Adding a bit of quirk

Here are some inexpensive and adorable ideas to consider adding to your wedding invitations and save the dates. Hell, you can do it whatever way you want!

Here are five fun ideas for adding an extra special quirkiness to your wedding:1. Add Actual Photos

Have you thought about paperclipping a little photo selection of you both to your invitations? Or perhaps integrate a photo as a part of the design? If done well, it can look wonderful!

Maybe pop in a classic photo booth strip. Nothing adds a little comic value like the two of you pulling faces, or holding up post-its noting on it the date of your wedding. Your guests will certainly be expecting the good times to roll if they’re having fun as soon as they open your invitations! 

2. Use a Hashtag

Ever thought about a #wedding hashtag? [ shameless, I know ] If you include one on your invitations people will flood social media outlets with excited ‘got the invitation’ photos, ‘getting ready’ photos, ‘on-the-way’ photos – you name it! The photos will be everywhere – you’ll have so many memories!

3. Interesting Invitation Papers

Now, if you’re anything like me, you’ll love a bit of stationery. The really good stuff. I know I said inexpensive at the top, but this one idea is an exception…

If gorgeous handmade cotton-pressed rose petal paper with a dash of seeds pressed in there (so your guests can plant them after! – I know right?!), sounds like your kind of heaven, like it is mine, consider pushing a little bit of your budget into purchasing some fabulous papers. They make exceptionally simple printed designs look insanely beautiful, but if you’re feeling really creative, handwrite your invitations for maximum impact! If that sounds like far too much time to spend, get a pro like me to do it for you.

4. Confetti

Consider throwing some confetti into your envelopes; all the little sprinkles have a romantic vibe that pulls you into the future. Each guest will be imagining the big day as soon as they float out.

Or you could include the confetti you would like your guests to bring on the big day; a cute little packet would add a kitsch tickle to your set! If you don’t include it, you’ll likely be buying it for your wedding day anyway, so it doesn’t cost more – and adding it to your invites just makes the set all the more exciting!

Great biodegradable confetti is lovely, you can dry petals of your own choice yourself or find someone to do it for you.

Big tip!: Avoid glitter- this will spoil your guests’ floors and they will not be happy about it one bit… plus, did you know glitter has a terrible impact on the environment? it doesn’t degrade in soil, usually makes its way into water systems/ oceans and then the tummies of sea creatures. It can’t be recycled either. Avoid at all costs!

5. Have a Competition

Now before you leave me, thinking this has changed into some kind of Gala Bingo nightmare*… hear me out. Think about having a cake competition instead of buying a wedding cake! Go the whole 9 yards (couldn’t help myself) and have your own British Bake-Off, one Mary Berry would be proud of. Put the competition details in your invites and include the way the winner will be selected; put up an attractive prize like £150 behind the bar just for them to use as they wish, perhaps. Trust me, it’s cheaper than a wedding cake and you’ll likely get some beautiful desserts!

There you have it – 5 fun things you could include in your invitations. Have fun cooking up some ideas and get in touch if you need someone to make the for you!

With love love love, please spread the love xXx

*I actually dig bingo, I don’t know why I said that.