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Starry Night Wedding Styling

Here’s another wedding styling idea I’ve fallen for: A Starry Night.

This is one of my favourites of the favourites-es. I love the deep dark blues and the fun you could have with a dark blue or black wedding dress. And the crazy fun you could have decking your bridesmaids out in jewels and sequins. It’s shiny and sparkly, with rich velvety colours. What’s not to love?

Again lighting is key! Add reflective pieces and points of light to really help sell the idea that you’re amongst the stars in space, and candlelight is always something that shines and flickers like the stars.

I’m thinking home-made constellation favours. I’m thinking dark blue and Purple geode-style table numbers. I’m thinking Prussian blue galaxy wedding invitations with illustrations of the moon and stars and gold calligraphy.

Evening weddings sound like an amazing fit for this type of styling too. You can have fireworks and sparklers right after you’re married! How exciting!

For me though, it’s all about the colours for this style. You only need to set off the deep blue-ish-blacks with tiny pops of strong pinks, greens (which will mostly be in the florals), yellows and oranges (which will mostly be the lighting). Top it off with mirrors, reflective jewels and glass.

You can practically add any metallic you like in there too, including mixed metallics, as this will only add the reflective elements you would try to create. Just so beautiful! Have a proper look at my Pinterest collection of ideas for a Starry Night wedding to get my drift…

Until we meet again! Be happy.

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