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Save on Wedding Invitations Using This Quick Tip

how to save money on wedding invitations and save the dates using just one tip.

This post is a little pressie from me to you. If you’re going to be buying Wedding invitations soon, the whole task is rather daunting. One of the most important things is deciding how you want to send RSVPs. If you’re not sure how to send them, read my post on the best way to send out RSVPs and more importantly, how you get them back.

If you know you’re making physical RSVPs already, here’s one little tip that will save some money right off the bat.

Here’s my quick money saving tip:

Most people like to use traditional RSVP cards for their wedding invitations, simply because most people know how they work and what to do with them. Write your name(s) and your dinner preference, pop it in its little envelope, stick on a stamp and then in the nearest post box it goes. Oooosh! done.

A money saving tip for this style of RSVP is to change the enveloped card into a postcard. This eliminates the cost of an envelope (usually around 30p-60p each per invitation). It doesn’t sound like a lot singularly, but say you needed 150 invitations… That could be up to £90 saved!

Anyway, my point is it’s super cute to send a postcard in the mail, and even cuter when it’s saving you money in the long run. Why not put it towards your groomsman or bridal party gifts instead?

Even if you’re not that concerned about money, it could go towards stamps for each of your RSVPs so your guests don’t have to get one.

Super OOooooosssssh!

If you’re thinking ‘can we get rid of the main envelope too?’, most would scoff. But, my friend, I was on that very same wavelength. I created my fold-up of invitations, that eliminate both envelopes and include a tear-away RSVP postcard and can be redesigned to suit your colours, flowers or theme like Abbie and Robert did.

Yes, I am a genius, you’re welcome.

Anyways, there you are – a mini money saving tip!

Namaste, with love, ’till next time.

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