Booking & Prices

I recommend booking at least 1 year in advance if you’ve chosen me to make your stationery, as I can become very busy and can only occasionally create last-minute Invitations. Due to the time it takes to design and complete fine-art stationery, and the level of detail involved in getting to know my clients, I can only take around 6-7 couples per year. Once booked, I can arrange an initial complimentary digital design to get our creative juices flowing.

Where to Begin

Rather than quoting you for invitations that may exceed or underwhelm, I recommend letting me know what you would like (and not like) to spend. To start making a budget, work out how many invitations you need (and maybe add a few spare for last-minute invitees), then come up with a total sum to spend on all of the invitations.
You can also come up with an individual price for each invitation instead.

Working with a Budget

Working with a budget means you’re in control of what you want to spend, and I’ll intentionally work to meet it.

Food for Thought

When you get in contact, let me know about how you want your guests to feel when they open your invitations, or if you have an overarching theme or inspiration you want to express within them. A little detail or two you may want to include about each of you is a lovely touch.

For completely bespoke projects, anything you can think of that may help to guide or influence me as your designer would be fabulous. Pinterest board links are fantastic for sharing your ideas, so consider sending a link.

Feel free to be as descriptive as you like about your vision. Speak to you very soon!

Working with House Prices

You can download House suite starting prices to gather an idea of the costs and time frames needed for each suite.

Get in touch with your preferences

I want to book with our budgetI want to see the House Suites & costs