Booking & Prices

We recommend booking in advance if you’ve chosen us to make your stationery, as we can become very busy, particularly in January through to July. If you’re not sure we’re the ones for you yet, why not try us out and book a digital design… for free.

We’ll Create a Digital Design

This is a complimentary service! You’ll work with a skilled calligrapher, illustrator and designer to create a digital concept of your set over a week-long period of your choosing.

Ready to Book in To Have Something Made?

You’re at the next stage and need to know what to do. Don’t worry, we’re here to take you through each step…

Working With a Budget

Working with a budget means you’re in control of the money you want to spend, and we’ll intentionally work to meet the budget. So if you would like a maximum spend of £4 per set, but would prefer to only spend £3 per set, don’t tell us about your maximum amount, tell us you would like £3 per set as a budget. You can always add bells and whistles later if ou change your mind and want to up the spend.

Working With Set Prices

When we work with set prices, we quote for our best paper and card, and most beautiful vegetable lithio printing. Sometimes that can be a little too pricey for those working to a modest budget, but we have created a list for you to download to gather an idea of what we charge per piece, should you wish to save for the highest quality. We hope they’re helpful! Let us know if you have any questions.

We Reccomend Making a Budget

We know planning a wedding can be an expensive affair. Rather than quoting everyone for our finest invitations, which can become expensive, we recommend letting us know what you would like (and not like) to spend. Budgets are individual to each couple and depends how much you want to set aside for stationery.

To start making a budget, work out how many invitations you need (and maybe add a few spare), then come up with a total sum to spend on all of the invitations. You can also come up with an individual price for each invitation instead, if you like. Only choose a budget you feel is affordable and reasonable for you and your partner. Then, send us your budget and tell us exactly how you’ve envisioned your invitations. We’ll let you know if we can make it happen!

Download Our Prices

Prices have been created to give an idea of costs for our stationery to be made with our highest quality papers and cards. However, all budgets and ideas are welcome, from modest to luxury. If you can imagine it, we can most certainly make it.

Fill the form below and we’ll email you a PDF of our price table which can help you tot-up all the bits and pieces. You’ll usually get this through immediately, but please allow up to 24 hours for the PDF to be emailed to you. If you need any help with the Prices PDF, or would like to request a full quote, please contact us.