Environmental Policy

We are eco-crazyย  here at Treasure Studios (TS), and can’t wait to tell you about it!

We’re committed to providing the best creation services possible, without effecting the planet negatively. The owner of TS (Karlee Gould) is a passionate eco warrior, dedicated to making sure business practices are as environmentally friendly as possible.

Here at treasurestudios.co.uk, our business is small, so our carbon footprint is practically undetectable. We source our web services from providers who only use wind-farm energy and frequently give back to the grid. Our premises is remote, with no fixed location or shop, so we can work anywhere without kicking out too much energy. We source and use only the highest quality vegan recycled, recyclable, bio-degradable or re-purposed materials. All or suppliers are vetted to fit these practices. We encourage them to be eco-friendly too, where practicable. We only practice printing with eco-friendly vegan printers. We only use delivery couriers with environmentally friendly practices and a clear dedication to improving those practices.

We regularly review and change things up. If we find anything we feel we can improve, we don’t wait until an annual review to get going, we implement it as immediately as possible, across the board.

New Stuff

We’re working on putting together a cheat-sheet for those of you who are unsure about how to dispose of TS products after you have used them, or if you have any let over. We’ll make this page available when it’s complete, but for now, be sure to check your local recycling website for more details! Most of your goods will be paper, so be sure to start with the waste paper recycling section on their website.