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Botanical Wedding Styling

Eco and vegan botanical wedding invitations

I want to share some of my favourite styling options starting with this one: Botanical Wedding Styling.

As a part of my Bride-y research, for my own wedding in 2020, I’ve been putting together some Pinterest boards of my most favourite wedding styles, taking my own advice from the post, How to Pick a Wedding Theme or Colour Pallette.

This one is high up there for the possibilities! Just think of it… The simplicity of deep, emerald greenery and taking your guests into a candle-lit orangery honestly makes my heart flutter.

Coupling fern greens only with mixed whites and pale greys to make sure the greens have the overall impact. Only the slightest touches of golds here and there, in the fizzing champagne, low sunlight and clinking cutlery.

It’s more about nature, this style, and reflects the faintest hint of a tropical get-away, so it feels super relaxed. Everything is really warm and toasty, you’re inside, but you feel like your outside somewhere in the Mediterranian.

I think styling this look with beautiful lighting is an absolute must. If you have the option of having candlelight, it’s a big plus. If you don’t, some up-lighters or fairy lights will set the look off perfectly. Or all three? I’m a ‘more is better’ kind of girl.

Have a look at the Pins I’ve collected to help me feel inspired for my own (possibly!) Botanical Wedding. I hope they help you feel inspired too! I’ll be sure to share some of my others in the coming weeks, or if you have a chance to trawl through my Pinterest Boards, you’ll likely see them!

‘Till next time amigos, Namaste and happy vibes your way.

Karlee Xx

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