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Answers for the Newly Engaged | Bite-size Vol.1.4

Just ideas for adding your own sparkling touch to your invitations. Hell, let’s have some fun!

Adding a bit of quirk

Formal Invitations. They have rules here and rules there about what you should and shouldn’t do. I say, shake off the rules and add yourself a little bit of quirk! After all, the day is about celebrating love right? Shouldn’t that be super fun?

Here are three fun ideas for adding that awesome extra special touch to your wedding…


Ever thought about a #wedding hashtag? [ shameless, I know ] If you include one on your invitations people will flood social media outlets with excited ‘got the invitation’ photos, ‘getting ready’ photos, ‘on-the-way’ photos – you name it! The photos will be everywhere – you’ll have so many memories!

Actual Photos

Have you thought about putting a photo selection of you both in with your invitations? Or perhaps integrated as a part of the design? Nothing adds comic value like the two of you in a photo booth pulling faces, holding up a post-it, noting on it the date of your wedding. Your guests will certainly be expecting the good times to roll if they’re having fun as soon as they open your invitations!

Glitz and Fizz

My personal favourite! Add glitter! But not too much – no one wants to be hoovering for eternity. Best not to dump a hand-full into your envelopes because you might find a few guests have a hard time finding it cute or funny. I’m here to help, trust me I want glitter too! Here’s what you do: add a glittering sparkle to every single invitation by lining the envelopes with non-shedding glitter paper. It’ll conjure images of a shining glitterati army with champagne flutes full immediately. If that doesn’t get your guests buzzing with excitement at the invitation stage… well, to quote a friend who said recently “I’ll find a rice paper hat, and i’ll eat it.” – I will. and I will eat it.

With love love love, please spread the love xXx

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