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When to Send Your Wedding Invitations

Time for me to make your engaged life a little easier: Here are some guide dates for sending invitations.

This will be part of a little set of questions (I hope to answer) that seem to come up quite frequently, with lots of Brides and Grooms, in the earlier stages of wedding planning.

This answer is specifically linked to Invitations, but there’s plenty on my blog about dresses, venues and flowers to name a few.

Out of all the questions, I get asked personally as a wedding invitation designer, there’s one which every newly engaged person asks first.

Obviously, you will have guessed it from the big old image, so without further ado, here’s bite-size Vol.1.1 to chew over, the king-daddy of frequently asked invitation questions:

When do I send out my Wedding Invitations?

This can be tricky, because there’s typically a confusion between when to send save the dates and then invites, or just sending a straight-up invitation… Let’s take a look.

When Doing Both:

  • Save the Dates { 12 – 7 Months before your Wedding Day. 10 is ideal.
  • Invitations Follow { 6 – 4 Months before your Wedding Day. 5 is ideal.

When Doing Just Invitations:

  • Invitations { 8 – 5 Months before your Wedding Day. 7 is ideal.

The Exceptions:

If you’re having a destination wedding these will need to be the earliest suggested time, or around 1-2 months earlier on all counts if you can, to make sure everyone has enough time to plan the trip in – the more time, the better in this case and a save the date is recommended.

It’s better to make sure your save the date has the country you’re be married in on it, so people know what they need to prepare for. Poolside or Cosy fireplace?


Of course, every couple is a little different so shaking free of these rules makes no real harm, so long as you don’t leave it ‘till a few days before and expect 150 guests to RSVP.

I hope that’s helpful to some! If you have any questions, I’ll see if I can help.

Also stay tuned for the next part of Volume 1, the frequently asked questions of the newly engaged.

So, until next time, happy planning!

With love, as always. Namaste people!

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