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Using a multiverse of unique-to-you wedding stationery design, whimsical calligraphy, hand-finished illustration and artistry, your very own fairy tale wedding can become a reality!

Rose Gold Geometry Wedding Stationery

Rose gold glitter wedding stationery with main invitations, menu fans and rose gold glitter lined envelopes

Simpley does it!

This set is totally customisable and is based on Bundle 1. This design couples a simplistic geometric design, a splash of art deco and gorgeous rose gold edges (non-shed glitter!). The colours are a rich rose gold with pale grey and the style is simple and elegant. Ready to get yours?

Purchase the Mint to be Set on Etsy now Calligraphy addresses on the frontof envelopes with rose gold glitter lining

Do you need to change the colours? - Okay! I'll work with you every step of the way to get it just perfect before you send them. Would you need matching wedding day stationery such as save the dates, calligraphy place cards or a table plan? No problem, let's create something amazing!

Rose Gold Geometry Wedding Stationery

Based on Bundle 1 | View all the Bundles

Rose gold geometry invitations with rose gold glitter

Simple, sweet calligraphy and rose gold glitter make this slightly irresistible... One of the smart and fun things about this set is that the place settings are useful four-fold! They're fans, to help cool your guests in their prettiest wears, they're place name settings, they include a menu on the back and provide the guests with the order of procession for the day! Fab! Four birds, one stone, boosting the value of this beautiful sparkly set.