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Using a multiverse of unique-to-you wedding stationery design, whimsical calligraphy, hand-finished illustration and artistry, your very own fairy tale wedding can become a reality!

Forever Feather Wedding Stationery

Rose gold glitter wedding stationery with main invitations, menu fans and rose gold glitter lined envelopes

And impression that lasts forever? Enter 'Forever Feather'!

This set is totally customisable and is based on Bundle 1. This design is a house favourite. The bright and bold feather watercolours balance out the simple, gallery-style presentation creating (if it's possible) the first oxymoron wedding invitation : Excentric, yet minimalist. Ready to get yours?

Purchase the Forever Feather Set on Etsy now Calligraphy addresses on the frontof envelopes with rose gold glitter lining

Forever Feather Wedding Stationery

Based on Bundle 1 | View all the Bundles

The slim design of the accompanying pieces really add to the overall unique style of the set. Matching minimalist envelopes come as a part of this unique invitation. This wedding stationery is best suited with no extra gimmics like a middle wrap or ribbon; it's best opened as it is and ready to speak for itself.

These are made especially for the most unique of couples; making an artistic rainbow wedding super-sleek is no mean feat, and these aim to deliver just that - they'll set you guests up with what will be extatic antispation for the big day full of bright colours, screaming black tie!

Do you need to make a change to the design? Okay! I'll work with you every step of the way to get it just perfect before you send them. Would you need matching wedding day stationery such as place cards, menus or a table plan? No problem, let's create something amazing!