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Using a multiverse of unique-to-you wedding stationery design, whimsical calligraphy, hand-finished illustration and artistry, your very own fairy tale wedding can become a reality!

Finding Wedding Inspiration

Weddings are unique to you. More and more couples want their wedding to reflect their personalities throughout, starting with their save the date stationery, so guests invited get the right impression about the day's events, the vigor of the evening celebration and the dress-code, all the while maintaining a personal brand for the happy couple. Some couples go for a full-on theme, rather than picking colours and flowers, such as Festival themed, Vintage themed or Book themed.

The best way to start looking for your inspirations is to start collecting things you like; by doing this, you can create yourself a mood-board. If you're into your tech, a Pinterest board, hands-down, is second to none for pooling your ideas. If you don't have access to Pinterest, a traditional mood-board is just as helpful! That way, you can capture your fabrics, ribbons and flowers as well as images, all in one space - it can help you decide if all your ideas fit together and will work on the big day, or if you have lots of ideas you want to explore, why not create a few mood-boards! Have fun with it - your day is your s alone - so go ahead and make it yours wholly :)

Inspiration on Pinterest:

Pinning wedding ideas is one of my favourite things to do. Check out my board, it may help to start your inspiration journey:

Inspiration on Facebook

Get some inspiration direct from Treasure Studio's creations. Check out the facebook album 'Lil Treasures':

Collection of lil treasures created

Posted by Treasure Studios on Thursday, October 27, 2016