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Using a multiverse of unique-to-you wedding stationery design, whimsical calligraphy, hand-finished illustration and artistry, your very own fairy tale wedding can become a reality!

Vintage Country Wedding

Massive thanks and credit to for allowing me to use some of her amazing wedding photography in this video!

Vintage Country Wedding

This was a beautiful set to design, as everything special to these clients was all in the details. The bride and groom (to-be) wanted a very special hand drawing of a Claddagh ring symbol, which one of them drew when they were in young-love, with their initials inside the heart. This was a sweet reminder of how they felt when they first met and fell in love. It became a unique personal logo for their wedding stationery set, gathering roses, clovers and pretty thistles, which lent to reflect their heritages and warm welcome into each others family.

The full invitations included bespoke hand drawn maps, floral water colour to match the bridal party bouquets, and calligraphy with uniquely created pearlised dark blush-purple inks.

The 3-part invitation featured a formal invitation, postcard RSVP, two sets of detail cards (one for day guests and one for evening guests) multiple matching envelope colours and their Claddagh ring logo featured on a thick brown kraft tag, to wrap the design up. In the end, we decided to wrap the invitations with colour-varied raffia, to complete the floral, outside-sy, country wedding theme.

pretty coloured and lined envelopes to accompany a bespoke wedding design

It's got to be said: alternating envelopes and raffia colours really did set the design off well. Not only did they make each individual set look rather striking, it also gave a unique opportunity for everyone to receive something quite different to everyone else. In total, there were 5 raffia colours and 5 envelope colours so in total there were 25 combinations of invitation; ultimately each guest got one of no more than 5 unique invitation sets!

wedding invitation map design of the location from the church to the reception.