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Using a multiverse of unique-to-you wedding stationery design, whimsical calligraphy, hand-finished illustration and artistry, your very own fairy tale wedding can become a reality!

Festival Themed Wedding - Wedrock!

With the designs finished and the details firm, the table plan, the wristbands and the backstage lanyards were all ready to go - the only thing left to do was party. Reeeaaally party.

This was a pleasure to design for; loved every second.

Festival Themed Wedding - Wedrock!

Without a doubt, this is awesomeness personified. Or perhaps I should say, sonisphide. This is a rock themed wedding festival adorned by Treasure Studios for Jack and Lucy 'Lucky' Day, the Mr and Mrs.

Rainbow roses, backstage passes and tickets to the day and evening show; if you were a guest, you would need to find your stage and see who you were rocking out with all night long!

This was going to be the type of wedding where it was reasonable at any time (not just the evening) to throw up the horns and feel the metal.

If you've been lucky enough to meet Jack and Lucy, you'll know their personalities are larger than life and their taste in music... excellent. These invitations needed to be something special in order to reflect the electricity in their relationship and their personalities.

They knew right-off-the-bat that a rainbow metal festival mega-mix would be the theme to their special day, and wanted to include some of their favourite bands and festivals somewhere in the design.

So what would any gig-goer want for an invitation? You got it - gig tickets. It didn't take long after talking with Jack and Lucy to know that we were going to be on the same page while creating these together. I went through about three designs before I knew these were the ones to share with them. They were bright, colourful, funky and very 'them'.


As always, I was looking to expand on the details to help set the design apart from other gig ticket/ festival ticket wedding invitations. I'll mention a few: The envelopes were lined with bespoke liners donning the 'WEDROCK' design; The day and the evening reflect the colours of the day and evening at the time the guests would arrive; The bar-code spells both their names and displays the date of their marriage; Their names were designed within their own band logos; The QR code whisks you to their wedding website and enabled the guests to RSVP online. Alternatively, we added a tear-off RSVP to the tickets so if guests were unable to RSVP online, they could send back the tear-off version to the happy couple instead.

The design was finished off with a 'VIP' hologram fastened to the RSVP tear-away edge. The details were essential to make these tickets more. To make them extraordinary.

Luckily, when J + L saw these designs, they fell in love with them and couldn't wait to see the seating plan, lanyards and (eeek!) woven festival wristband wedding favours (best bit, for sure).