Beautiful Sicily Wedding Stationery

A beautiful lemon Invitation set with coastal, Italian vibes.

Beautiful Sicily is a confident, watercolour wedding stationery set that celebrates Italy. The aesthetic is vibrant and chic, with bold yellows and complimenting whites, muted greens and blues.

Inspired by

This set was inspired by a Dolce Gabbana show, where they showed off the most beautiful gowns. A particular gown stood out: the fabric featured bright, draping lemon branches, a blue sky backdrop and black cursive.

After seeing that dress, I was quite taken with the loveliness of lemons and my obsession with this design grew and grew into an opulent suite created for a Sicilian wedding.

Perfect for couples who are taken with Italia.


Each piece takes you on a tour of Sicily. You’ll see inspiration from dramatic Italian tiles and the peaceful shores that line the coasts.

The set ties together with a fabric wrap with the soon-to-be-weds initials in black broken calligraphy.

Style your day with the scent of freshly cut lemons, and the bright blue of delphiniums.

Full suite prices are on request and will depend on the number required. Individual pieces can be purchased separately, i.e. Menus and Place cards etc.

Book a Call-Back About The Collection

Prices begin at £78 (for a minimum of 20 Painted Place Cards).  Contact me at to book a call-back and I’ll be in touch as soon as possible.

2020 / 2021

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Beautiful Sicily
Beautiful Sicily

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