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How to Pick a Wedding Theme or Colour Palette

Picking a theme is possibly one of the harder parts of the #wedding, because it has to be one of the first things you pick, other than the venue or date. The theme is ultimately your own ‘wedding brand’, speaking of you both in your relationship, reflecting it in the details and colour choices. Basically the guests will say with a gasp of awe,

“This is so them

It’s a brand that will run through everything, including your save the dates and/or invitations, so, let’s get down to the question…

How do I pick a Wedding Theme or Colour Palette?

Okay so there are a million ways you can go about this, and a lot of them involve buying expensive magazines and going to wedding fayres, but there’s two good routes; first, contact me for a free consultation and I can come up with some wedding invitations or save the dates for you – this is great when you have a vague idea, like a favourite colour or perhaps a place you both love to visit, such as Paris or Rome.

If you have no ideas just yet, my second option is one I can truly bang-on about for years and it’s absolutely free too.

One word, one app, my one love; Pinterest. This mood boarding app is the ultimate in helping you plan out what you like. You can gather it all together and save it all on one virtual mood board. And I could go as far to say, you could probably sort this whole part of your wedding out in 30 minutes if you’re well versed in the app already.

Step One

Install Pinterest and get antiquated, if you have not yet done so before. Then, make a board and just call it ‘Wedding Ideas’ or something broad, because you’re literally going to put every single pin you like right here for now.

Check out my Pinterest board for example.

Step Two

Start searching for every colour you have ever thought of and put ‘wedding’ after it. ‘purple wedding’, ‘mint wedding’, ‘teal wedding’. No need to search for colours you dislike, but hey – you may just see something you never thought could be so beautiful! You’ll start seeing tons of ideas cross your path, and if you like any, pin them to your board!

Search other things like ‘unusual wedding’ or perhaps pick something you love you would like to incorporate like ‘book wedding’ or ‘rock wedding’. Pin, pin and pin like cray.

Step Three

Look back at your board. Can you see a colour or group of colours emerging? Can you see an obvious theme at all running through? Or perhaps see pastels? Maybe brights? Are you seeing lots of balloons or glitter? Are you seeing a minimal vibe? Perhaps they’re all photos outside? Or maybe something a little steampunk or Grecian?

What’s popping out for you?

Step Four

Take one of the obvious themes and expand on it. Time to start a new board.

If for instance, say we had a dark blue running through the main board and it looks as though a night theme is emerging, with sparklers and fur coats… Go with it. Pick a cute name for your navy blue, glam fairy lights and glitzy board – today we’ll go with ‘Starry Night Wedding’.

Start pinning just these types of pins here and really expand on the details – search ‘navy and green centre pieces’ or ‘fairy light banquet’ and such the like to see what you can come up with!

Here’s my ‘Starry Night Wedding’ board for example.

If you have more than one obvious theme running through your main board, go back and repeat the last few steps until you have a lot of themes and colour combos you like. Perhaps you can incorporate two into one eventually!

By this time you should have loads of ideas and a bigger overall vision of your future wedding (Yay!) but I would always keep going with your boards and see where they take you with the finer details, but try not to go too overboard (pardon ze pun).

You may muddle your ideas and find that it’s slightly too much to pull into a wedding ‘brand’ if you have loads of pins – perhaps 6 pins are exactly enough to build your dream wedding from – have an experiment!

This step by step Pinterest plan can help you find your feet when you have no idea what direction to look, so I hope you have fun pinning and find your personal medley of wedding ideas that spark your creative juices!

The best part? You can share these boards with your wedding planner, venue host, invitation designer (me! me! pick me! I’m a great stationery designer! #noshame) and your bridesmaids and groomsmen so you can all find dapper outfits to match your chosen colours and theme!

Love to all, keep being divine and take care XxXx

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