From exuberant envelopes and place settings to mirrors and table plans, for all types of events.

Calligraphy can be applied to anything and is limitless in size. It gives a fabulous look to Invitation addresses but can be applied to everything from Wedding Signs to the luxury gift tags, drinking glasses and even baubles. It’s particularly handy if the venue you’ve chosen
or your delivery address is in the Hampshire area, as I can drop off larger pieces personally.

Envelope Calligraphy

The First Glimpse of Your Stationery

When your guests receive your invitations they’ll be met with something that exudes contemporary luxury and leaves a lasting impression of what’s to come. It’s the first look at what your wedding might be like. From the moment they first run their fingers over the calligraphy, it’s going to make that impact that something special is about to happen. Something rare and spectacular.

Copperplate Calligraphy can be varied in such a way that it allows you to put forward either a ‘playful’ or ‘luxurious’ finish. Classic Copperplate can’t be denied as one of the most beautiful and classic of Calligraphic styles. My personal style mixes this classic look with a touch of modern technique, shown here. It’s fabulous to add a touch of ‘broken’ flourishing to signify an air of timeless, vintage luxuriance. I usually mix techniques with watercolour processes to create something utterly uncommon and truly artistic.

I work with my clients one-to-one to hone in on the calligraphic style that would be most suited to their stationery, although, some clients really adore a particular calligraphy style of mine or have a style which they would like to emulate, which I’m happy to adapt to.

Calligraphy Name Cards & Table Numbers

Take Your Places Please

These are a fabulous touch for Weddings to signify where you’re guests sit, used either as place cards and as ‘find your seat’ escort cards. You’ll need table numbers or named tables to help the guests navigate to the correct table.

For the most luxurious finishes, the only option is entirely handpainted pieces with a calligraphic finish. Top it all off with dashes or maybe lashes of gold. Heaven!

The smallest touches speak the loudest, as they say.

Calligraphy Vow Books

To The One I Love

Nothing says wow like these do. Some couples opt for separate Vow books, and some opt for a single Vow book to hold both their vows. These Vows are used in the Ceremony and read from on the big day and help you remember all the wonderful things you want to say.

These serve as an irreplaceable keepsake, more so to some than any other stationery pieces, to commemorate a wondrous commitment to one and other. Holding onto the words you promised, while looking into the eyes of the one you love.

Calligraphy Signage

You Were Meant to Be

Welcome signs, Ceremonial signs, Unplugged signs, Parking signs, Room signs – you name it! They’re fabulous to point guests in the right direction, make wonderous decor pieces and look fabulous in photographs. What’s not yo love?

Send me the frames or structures for me to apply your design to, or I can curate some pieces with yourselves (or your planner) to complement your styling on the day.

Aren’t you glad you landed here? I think it’s a sign. Sorry, couldn’t help myself.

Full Wedding Invitations Suites

Unabashedly Dreamy Invitations

Turn the dial to full opulence with an entire calligraphy stationery suite, made just for you, and only you. Every single piece, a work of art for every guest. Heirlooms of your family history, keepsakes for the generations who follow. Artworks entirely by hand, from start to finish.

From table plans to special calligraphy pieces, I have you covered!

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