Wedding Invitations

Also suitable for all my beautiful Vegan Brides and Grooms.

Fine Art Mid & High-End Invitations

My hand-painted Stationery, crafted from scratch, is suitable for mid-to-high-end budgets. Each piece is created from start to finish alongside you through the whole wedding process, which can occasionally become a relationship we have from the time of your engagement, well past the big day – sometimes for years! Fine-art stationery requires an extraordinary amount of time, skill and attention to detail. The final results are expressive, luxurious, show-stopping, individual heirloom pieces of art. Beautiful keepsakes for your guests and family, for generations to come.

Fine art prices are calculated on an individual basis since everything, from the type of paper to the level of intricacy, has to be taken into account before agreeing on a final price. The variety of materials is almost limitless when it comes to these invitations.

Perfectly Printed Invitations

If you love the designs but don’t have a high-end budget, don’t fret. I’m happy to create a design we can reproduce-for-print on the finest, ethically sourced luxury card. This option is also great for those who love minimal stying or like a bit of perfection to their stationery.

Unlike fine art stationery, each piece is beautifully uniform. The best part is, you still have to option of adding calligraphy or fine art finishes, like real 22-carat gold leaf, painted edging and vegan wax seals.

Looking for the perfect Stationery?

It’s best to get in touch! It’s likely we’ll be working together from the very start of your Wedding planning, so it’s super important we hit it off! Get in touch for a 10-minute chat to see if I’m the right designer for you.

What it’ll be like…

Styled Design

The importance of the design with coordinated styling is vital; The right stationery cannot be overstated. To your guests, they are the first glimpse of the Wedding. I’ll work hard to make the right impression and set the course in their imagination for what is in store.


During the first stages of preparation, we’ll go through an initial design consultation, where we’ll talk ideas and budget. I’ll create a visual of the ideas and styles for you, pulling them together into a digital concept.

& That’s It!

We’ll go over your wedding stationery design together until we arrive at something spectacular. I’ll keep in touch throughout the whole process and be on call if you need me to consult on anything. Once you ‘sign-off’ on something you love, I’ll bring it to life for you.

Wedding Inspo: The House Collections 2020/2021

Elegant Blush
Elegant Blush
Darkness & Gold
Darkness & Gold
Beautiful Sicily
Beautiful Sicily