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Italian Inspired Wedding Styling

Italian Wedding styling has been an obsession I’ve had for months. It’s so dreamy just thinking about how perfect a Wedding in Sicily would be in late Summer…

So, as is tradition, over the course of my fascination with this type of styling, I’ve made a Pinterest board (yay!) with some super haute surprises. Actually, my attraction started with a bit of haute couture from Dolce and Gabbana – let me tell you about it quickly.

I was idly browsing Pinterest, on some runway fashion boards, an was going through some rather fancy stuff.

“When I saw it, I thought, this dress is #gag to die for.”

When I saw it, I thought, this dress is #gag to die for. The colours, styling and of course the dress shape, made me want to play with a wedding style immediately.

I started a board and typed: Holy Lemon-mony. I think it’s silly too, but I’m not changing it 🙂

After I started pinning. I found loads of beautiful things to take inspiration from, like sensational tiles and gorgeous Sicilian Wedding venues.

Of course I went straight back to the dress and pinned it in. I couldn’t take my eyes off it. Since no other pin came close to really embodying what this dress does, I chose to take inspiration mostly from this one image when I began creating designs for a Wedding Breakfast Menu.

When I looked back and compared them next to each other, I was in love. The rest of the art was just locked in my mind. It had all the classic Sicilian feels. A free, expressive, bright; yet calm and dreamy set was waiting to become itself. I got to work and put together some things that worked, and some things that didn’t. The final cut goes impeccably with my styling ideas and I’m so pleased to share it with you guys.

Beautiful Sicily
Beautiful Sicily

All the gorgeous lemony romance in one irresistible calligraphy and watercolour Wedding Collection.

Italian Syling
Italian Syling

All the best ideas for styling an Italian Wedding I can find on Pinterest so you can bask in holy lemon-mony.

Other Collections

Elegant Blush
Elegant Blush
Darkness & Gold
Darkness & Gold
Beautiful Sicily
Beautiful Sicily
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Jewel Inspired wedding styling

I loooooove this dark, jewel-toned styling. Love it so much. I’m seriously tempted for my own wedding. It’s so sultry and has a subtle sexiness without being garish or unbecoming. It’s totally my cup of tea (He-man coloured, with soya milk, if you please).

Style tip: Table styling definitely requires some fresh pears, figs, black grapes and cherries. Cut a few in half and artfully place around centrepieces or on your wedding cake table. Make sure you have a richly coloured table cloth, which compliments too. Top everything off with some spire candles with gold holders and you have yourself some effortless jewel inspired wedding decor.

Along with my board of awesome #weddinginspo, I’ve of course been inspired enough to create some Invitations that would do this justice. Each one is entirely hand-painted. They feature real 22 carat gold, with 22 carat being guaranteed the minimal finess and watercolours which are pigmented with real crushed semi-precious stones. They are literally the crown jewel of wedding stationery at TS.

Without further ado, I would like to show you these things I put together to help style a Wedding, dripping in jewel tones, heavy velvet with flashes of gold and dark old wood.

Darkness & Gold
Darkness & Gold

Real 22 carat gold and semi-precious stone paints. Opulent is the only way to describe this Wedding stationery.

Jewel Tone Wedding Styling
Jewel Tone Wedding Styling

Get ready to feel all the sultry feels looking at this board. Rich greens, oranges, reds and flashes of pure gold.

Elegant Blush
Elegant Blush
Darkness & Gold
Darkness & Gold
Beautiful Sicily
Beautiful Sicily
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Real Weddings: Hannah and Matt

Calligraphy Wedding signage for wonderfully kind people.

All The Signs Were There

Congratulations to the Happy Couple

This post is a little dedication to Hannah and Matt. They were married on the 13th of April 2019. They look so lovely, like the nicest people.

Whilst working with them, I found they certainly are.

Wedding Day Signage

The Groom, Matt, is skilled with wood and made some amazing pieces for me to add my touch of calligraphy to. The beautiful blushing Bride, Hannah, (I need that glorious fluffy wrap in my life) and I got to work putting the final touches to these amazing pieces.

Perspex Gilded Gold Frame Calligraphy

We decided to add my signature calligraphy styles and foliage (my absolute favourite) in chalk white, to their pieces. Isn’t this perspex piece stunning? Love how you can see the easel through it.

Order of the Day Pallet Calligraphy Sign

I told so many people about what these guys got up to – the Order of the Day was amazing! Canapes and golf, Rugby ball toss, Cake and sparklers, BBQ and ice cream – their guests must have had such a wonderful time.

Chalk Board Calligraphy

Loved the impact of this three-legged chalkboard. I’m always one for a bit of black and white, mono is so striking, but the stained wood seemed to soften it.

Photography Feature

Jason Mark Harris Photography

The Bride and Groom’s Review

Karlee is absolutely fantastic. She did the sign writing for many signs that my other half had made and oh my goodness, she did the most amazing job! She replied very quickly to my many messages and is such a warm, kind and friendly person. I honestly cannot thank Karlee enough – would 100% recommend!! Thank you so much, Hannah & Matt xxx

I’d like to extend a big thank you to both Hannah and Matt. It was lovely to meet you both and help to create some amazing memories and photos for your wedding. I wish you both a long and happy marriage.

Karlee Xx

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Karlee’s Blog: Drawing a Line

Hi Bride Tribe!

It’s boss time. I know some of you are business owners already and love marketing so I hope this isn’t way off base for everyone. This post is business related, but has a deeper meaning, I think. Owning a small business is hard and can be lonesome, but the journey is e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. What you learn is incredible.

I’ve been thinking lately about how it’s never too soon or to late to start over. I’ve done it so many times and it’s worth it each time. No need to carry something on if it’s just not serving you, no matter the time you’ve invested in it, how much you spent on it or how much it once meant to you.

If it no longer gives you life, time to draw a line under it. Tomorrow is a new day. New you, new life. Cut your hair, put on a new outfit and go get it.

Change is the Only Constant

‘Change’ is something many people avoid. Especially if it’s your business or god forbid, personal comforts. Change is the only constant thing in this world. We not only need to depend on it happening, we need to actively take part in it. ‘Change’ is not a dirty word. ‘Fuck’ is though, if you were wondering.

As someone who owns their own business, I can see how it’s easy to just to keep selling what you’re selling, even when it takes a permanent nose-dive in sales. You can do a million things to try to keep going, with maximum effort, and your sales may still stay low. This could be true especially if it’s something niche or starting to go ‘out’ of fashion.

This is where change needs to be embraced (I’m embracing it as we speak – come here, change!!). Instead of flogging the dead horse move on to something new – entirely new if needs be – it’s time! Even if you still enjoy your work, don’t romanticise it. The very last thing you should be doing is falling in love with your work or products; you should be falling in love with your customers. Have they moved on? What is it they’re looking for instead? Is there something you can do to your product line to enhance them in some way to fit that need?

If you love love love what you do, by all means, keep doing it – but you don’t have to funnel so much energy into selling it. You can always sell something else. Or sell to someone else.

How has this affected me? Eco-friendly invitations. I wanted so much to create something for those who love the environment and want to make sure their wedding invitations aren’t covered in glitter, foil or wrapped in plastic and are made from awesome materials that are recycled, biodegradable, compostable and in some cases, plant-able.

I went to lengths to make everything as good for the planet as I could. Re-designed all my lines. Then, after teaming up with some amazing wedding planners who are eco-wedding centric, I’ve found that each and every couple will hands-down choose electronic wedding invitations over hard copy, no matter the price I presented.

That’s just the reality of it, it’s the most eco-friendly option and it wins for eco-couples. Most will want to create them themselves also, using an online builder. I can’t develop a platform to compete with that, so as much as my products will remain eco-friendly, I’m not going to push my energy into selling to a group that is not looking for what I have to offer.

Eco-couples who still want invitations will still be out there, and I’ll be right here waiting for them, but that’s not where I should be concentrating my sales focus. I had barely written this latest eco-iteration into my business plan and it’s time to move on already. There’s no need to hang on or push for it. I tried it, and it didn’t work.

Good – now I know what not to do. *Draws line*

My first action was to go back to the literal drawing board and fill myself with inspiration and head-space. Time to sketch, time to create. I went back to the business plan and make some changes soon after. While reading it, something else looked out of shape in there…

It occurred to me that if the business itself is viable, that’s not enough. The business I have would be better suited to a small team. Instead I needed to make things viable for just one person – me. Make it work for me, my schedule and long-term goals. Else, what am I doing here, doing 5 different jobs?

It’s not practical. *Cuts hair*

I don’t have to make one change at a time and nor do you – shake shit up and try everything out. Try not to get in a rut and let things slowly die a stagnant death.

If you’re feeling like this too, look at your plan again. Is it going the way you wanted? Can you see clearly why? What can you do to make it better for your customers? What can you do to make it better for yourself?

If you put enough critical thought into it, the formula will one day be perfect *slides on new outfit*.

What happens if you can’t get it right? And what happens if you’re just over it? Move on my friend. Oh it’s already been time to take action. There’s a load of new things out there waiting for you. And just know that you can always come back if you miss it. It’s not over forever if you need a break for a year or two. It’s all a normal part of the business process, it’s a life-long game. No need to get it right as soon as your feet hit the ground. Relish that you have the power to make the choice to move on.

Good luck to all small business owners and take care. If any of this resonated with you, let me know which bit, and how.

Masses of love coming your way. Namaste.

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Starry Night Wedding Styling

Here’s another wedding styling idea I’ve fallen for: A Starry Night.

This is one of my favourites of the favourites-es. I love the deep dark blues and the fun you could have with a dark blue or black wedding dress. And the crazy fun you could have decking your bridesmaids out in jewels and sequins. It’s shiny and sparkly, with rich velvety colours. What’s not to love?

Again lighting is key! Add reflective pieces and points of light to really help sell the idea that you’re amongst the stars in space, and candlelight is always something that shines and flickers like the stars.

I’m thinking home-made constellation favours. I’m thinking dark blue and Purple geode-style table numbers. I’m thinking Prussian blue galaxy wedding invitations with illustrations of the moon and stars and gold calligraphy.

Evening weddings sound like an amazing fit for this type of styling too. You can have fireworks and sparklers right after you’re married! How exciting!

For me though, it’s all about the colours for this style. You only need to set off the deep blue-ish-blacks with tiny pops of strong pinks, greens (which will mostly be in the florals), yellows and oranges (which will mostly be the lighting). Top it off with mirrors, reflective jewels and glass.

You can practically add any metallic you like in there too, including mixed metallics, as this will only add the reflective elements you would try to create. Just so beautiful! Have a proper look at my Pinterest collection of ideas for a Starry Night wedding to get my drift…

Until we meet again! Be happy.

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Botanical Wedding Styling

Eco and vegan botanical wedding invitations

I want to share some of my favourite styling options starting with this one: Botanical Wedding Styling.

As a part of my Bride-y research, for my own wedding in 2020, I’ve been putting together some Pinterest boards of my most favourite wedding styles, taking my own advice from the post, How to Pick a Wedding Theme or Colour Pallette.

This one is high up there for the possibilities! Just think of it… The simplicity of deep, emerald greenery and taking your guests into a candle-lit orangery honestly makes my heart flutter.

Coupling fern greens only with mixed whites and pale greys to make sure the greens have the overall impact. Only the slightest touches of golds here and there, in the fizzing champagne, low sunlight and clinking cutlery.

It’s more about nature, this style, and reflects the faintest hint of a tropical get-away, so it feels super relaxed. Everything is really warm and toasty, you’re inside, but you feel like your outside somewhere in the Mediterranian.

I think styling this look with beautiful lighting is an absolute must. If you have the option of having candlelight, it’s a big plus. If you don’t, some up-lighters or fairy lights will set the look off perfectly. Or all three? I’m a ‘more is better’ kind of girl.

Have a look at the Pins I’ve collected to help me feel inspired for my own (possibly!) Botanical Wedding. I hope they help you feel inspired too! I’ll be sure to share some of my others in the coming weeks, or if you have a chance to trawl through my Pinterest Boards, you’ll likely see them!

‘Till next time amigos, Namaste and happy vibes your way.

Karlee Xx

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Save on Wedding Invitations Using This Quick Tip

how to save money on wedding invitations and save the dates using just one tip.

This post is a little pressie from me to you. If you’re going to be buying Wedding invitations soon, the whole task is rather daunting. One of the most important things is deciding how you want to send RSVPs. If you’re not sure how to send them, read my post on the best way to send out RSVPs and more importantly, how you get them back.

If you know you’re making physical RSVPs already, here’s one little tip that will save some money right off the bat.

Here’s my quick money saving tip:

Most people like to use traditional RSVP cards for their wedding invitations, simply because most people know how they work and what to do with them. Write your name(s) and your dinner preference, pop it in its little envelope, stick on a stamp and then in the nearest post box it goes. Oooosh! done.

A money saving tip for this style of RSVP is to change the enveloped card into a postcard. This eliminates the cost of an envelope (usually around 30p-60p each per invitation). It doesn’t sound like a lot singularly, but say you needed 150 invitations… That could be up to £90 saved!

Anyway, my point is it’s super cute to send a postcard in the mail, and even cuter when it’s saving you money in the long run. Why not put it towards your groomsman or bridal party gifts instead?

Even if you’re not that concerned about money, it could go towards stamps for each of your RSVPs so your guests don’t have to get one.

Super OOooooosssssh!

If you’re thinking ‘can we get rid of the main envelope too?’, most would scoff. But, my friend, I was on that very same wavelength. I created my fold-up of invitations, that eliminate both envelopes and include a tear-away RSVP postcard and can be redesigned to suit your colours, flowers or theme like Abbie and Robert did.

Yes, I am a genius, you’re welcome.

Anyways, there you are – a mini money saving tip!

Namaste, with love, ’till next time.

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5 Fun Things to Add to Your Wedding Invitations

Have a look at 5 things you can add to your wedding invitations to make them a little bit more fun.

Are you the type of couple who don’t take much too seriously? Good, there should be more of you in the world.

Formal Invitations. They have rules here and rules there, about what you should and shouldn’t do. I say, shake off the rules and add yourself a little bit of quirk! After all, the day is about celebrating love right? Shouldn’t that be super fun?Adding a bit of quirk

Here are some inexpensive and adorable ideas to consider adding to your wedding invitations and save the dates. Hell, you can do it whatever way you want!

Here are five fun ideas for adding an extra special quirkiness to your wedding:1. Add Actual Photos

Have you thought about paperclipping a little photo selection of you both to your invitations? Or perhaps integrate a photo as a part of the design? If done well, it can look wonderful!

Maybe pop in a classic photo booth strip. Nothing adds a little comic value like the two of you pulling faces, or holding up post-its noting on it the date of your wedding. Your guests will certainly be expecting the good times to roll if they’re having fun as soon as they open your invitations! 

2. Use a Hashtag

Ever thought about a #wedding hashtag? [ shameless, I know ] If you include one on your invitations people will flood social media outlets with excited ‘got the invitation’ photos, ‘getting ready’ photos, ‘on-the-way’ photos – you name it! The photos will be everywhere – you’ll have so many memories!

3. Interesting Invitation Papers

Now, if you’re anything like me, you’ll love a bit of stationery. The really good stuff. I know I said inexpensive at the top, but this one idea is an exception…

If gorgeous handmade cotton-pressed rose petal paper with a dash of seeds pressed in there (so your guests can plant them after! – I know right?!), sounds like your kind of heaven, like it is mine, consider pushing a little bit of your budget into purchasing some fabulous papers. They make exceptionally simple printed designs look insanely beautiful, but if you’re feeling really creative, handwrite your invitations for maximum impact! If that sounds like far too much time to spend, get a pro like me to do it for you.

4. Confetti

Consider throwing some confetti into your envelopes; all the little sprinkles have a romantic vibe that pulls you into the future. Each guest will be imagining the big day as soon as they float out.

Or you could include the confetti you would like your guests to bring on the big day; a cute little packet would add a kitsch tickle to your set! If you don’t include it, you’ll likely be buying it for your wedding day anyway, so it doesn’t cost more – and adding it to your invites just makes the set all the more exciting!

Great biodegradable confetti is lovely, you can dry petals of your own choice yourself or find someone to do it for you.

Big tip!: Avoid glitter- this will spoil your guests’ floors and they will not be happy about it one bit… plus, did you know glitter has a terrible impact on the environment? it doesn’t degrade in soil, usually makes its way into water systems/ oceans and then the tummies of sea creatures. It can’t be recycled either. Avoid at all costs!

5. Have a Competition

Now before you leave me, thinking this has changed into some kind of Gala Bingo nightmare*… hear me out. Think about having a cake competition instead of buying a wedding cake! Go the whole 9 yards (couldn’t help myself) and have your own British Bake-Off, one Mary Berry would be proud of. Put the competition details in your invites and include the way the winner will be selected; put up an attractive prize like £150 behind the bar just for them to use as they wish, perhaps. Trust me, it’s cheaper than a wedding cake and you’ll likely get some beautiful desserts!

There you have it – 5 fun things you could include in your invitations. Have fun cooking up some ideas and get in touch if you need someone to make the for you!

With love love love, please spread the love xXx

*I actually dig bingo, I don’t know why I said that.

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What is the Best Way to Send RSVPs?

This week I want to talk about just a little thing physically, which also happens to be a very big thing indeed. One of the biggest things probably. Because if you don’t know who’s coming to your wedding… Well, that’s not a great way to countdown the last few weeks.

I’ve worked out the best ways to send RSVPs and more importantly, how to get them back.

I’ve also learned, over the last handful of years, that getting RSVPs sorted can be hard bloody work. Alright, it’s a fucking nightmare sometimes, so it’s best to limit that risk, right off the bat.

RSVPs: friend or foe? Usually a secret foe, but after reading this, friend!

What’s the best way to get our RSVPs back?

Okay, generally the rule of thumb is to make it easy. Easy for them, yes, and easy for you too. I emphasise this because most people really focus on the former part of that sentence and give guests about 3-5 ways to RSVP because they have a huge majority of people coming and it’ll make it easier for them to pick the way they like best.

As much as this is very kind of you, you’re going to make your wedding planning a slight nightmare near the end stages, trying to work out if everyone has RSVP-ed or if you think you’re still waiting for anyone.

In this example above, you’ll need to cross-reference up to 5 areas for each person if you’re not careful, and trust me when I say, it’s most likely that you’ll need to chase a few, so it’s best to play it simple.

Some typical choices people opt for when choosing how to RSVP:

  • Traditional Enveloped RSVPs
  • Postal Card RSVPs
  • Telephone call RSVPs
  • Text RSVPs
  • Email RSVPs
  • Wedding Website RSVPs
  • Wedding App RSVPs
  • Facebook Event RSVPs

But which ones shall I choose?

Ah grasshopper, you only really need just the one.

Picking many will likely confuse your guests in general. Choice rather complicates things, as opposed to simplifying them. Mark my words, they’ll likely choose to do a couple, just to be sure (which will make all your brain feel a little crazy, with all the cross-referencing) or perhaps they’ll call you and ask the best way to do it before they do anyway which spoils the point.

All much of a muchness!

Instead, choose the way you know most of your guests will have knowledge of. It’s no good using a Facebook Event if the majority of your guests don’t use Facebook very often (or at all).

Postal RSVPs are a time-honoured tradition, so might be best to go that way if you have lots of digitally-unfamiliar family members.

If you are next-to-certain everyone on your list can all use web browsers or email, digital may be the way to go for you. It’s all individual and depends on the people you’re inviting, but one thing is for sure:

Go with the majority vote, on this one.

If you’re thinking there will be a handful of guests who are not able to RSVP in the way you have chosen, I’ve got a little fix: put a little star next to their name on your list-i-wink. A week after you send your out invitations, give them a quick phone call or visit to see if they got it recently, and check if they’re okay RSVP-ing in the way you guys have suggested – if not, give them a new way, such as text or over the phone – then you’re totally sorted.

Complicating the process any further can be tricky and make information gathering a bit much for any Bride or Groom. I mean, imagine if you need to collect dietary choices or allergies too?? I’m sweating thinking about it.

Trust me peeps, one way is good. If you have to, at the most, pick two. My preference will always be by postal mail – everyone knows how it works and there’s the added benefit of not having to include a long email address or website address on your invitations; call me a traditionalist, but I do love home addresses on printed wedding stationery.

In short: One option. Easier for them + less admin = easier for you. Win-win!

Top tip for using postal RSVPs:

Gotta tell you this, it’s a gem of a tip!

A great way to match up your RSVPs to your names list is to number them so they are very easy to look through and check off your list as needs be.

Simply pop a digit on the envelope/postcard and on your spreadsheet too, next to the names.

“I don’t want to spoil my beautiful wedding stationery with numbers” I hear you cry!!

Ultraviolet invisible pens are amazing and make quick work of it! You don’t have to concentrate on it being beautiful or perfect, just get the number on there and use a UV light to find out which is which when they come back. Your guests won’t see a thing!

Super easy and you’ll feel like a spy, which in my book is the best reason to do anything.

Until next time, sending masses of my love. Adios!

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How to Pick a Wedding Theme or Colour Palette

Picking a theme is possibly one of the harder parts of the #wedding, because it has to be one of the first things you pick, other than the venue or date. The theme is ultimately your own ‘wedding brand’, speaking of you both in your relationship, reflecting it in the details and colour choices. Basically the guests will say with a gasp of awe,

“This is so them

It’s a brand that will run through everything, including your save the dates and/or invitations, so, let’s get down to the question…

How do I pick a Wedding Theme or Colour Palette?

Okay so there are a million ways you can go about this, and a lot of them involve buying expensive magazines and going to wedding fayres, but there’s two good routes; first, contact me for a free consultation and I can come up with some wedding invitations or save the dates for you – this is great when you have a vague idea, like a favourite colour or perhaps a place you both love to visit, such as Paris or Rome.

If you have no ideas just yet, my second option is one I can truly bang-on about for years and it’s absolutely free too.

One word, one app, my one love; Pinterest. This mood boarding app is the ultimate in helping you plan out what you like. You can gather it all together and save it all on one virtual mood board. And I could go as far to say, you could probably sort this whole part of your wedding out in 30 minutes if you’re well versed in the app already.

Step One

Install Pinterest and get antiquated, if you have not yet done so before. Then, make a board and just call it ‘Wedding Ideas’ or something broad, because you’re literally going to put every single pin you like right here for now.

Check out my Pinterest board for example.

Step Two

Start searching for every colour you have ever thought of and put ‘wedding’ after it. ‘purple wedding’, ‘mint wedding’, ‘teal wedding’. No need to search for colours you dislike, but hey – you may just see something you never thought could be so beautiful! You’ll start seeing tons of ideas cross your path, and if you like any, pin them to your board!

Search other things like ‘unusual wedding’ or perhaps pick something you love you would like to incorporate like ‘book wedding’ or ‘rock wedding’. Pin, pin and pin like cray.

Step Three

Look back at your board. Can you see a colour or group of colours emerging? Can you see an obvious theme at all running through? Or perhaps see pastels? Maybe brights? Are you seeing lots of balloons or glitter? Are you seeing a minimal vibe? Perhaps they’re all photos outside? Or maybe something a little steampunk or Grecian?

What’s popping out for you?

Step Four

Take one of the obvious themes and expand on it. Time to start a new board.

If for instance, say we had a dark blue running through the main board and it looks as though a night theme is emerging, with sparklers and fur coats… Go with it. Pick a cute name for your navy blue, glam fairy lights and glitzy board – today we’ll go with ‘Starry Night Wedding’.

Start pinning just these types of pins here and really expand on the details – search ‘navy and green centre pieces’ or ‘fairy light banquet’ and such the like to see what you can come up with!

Here’s my ‘Starry Night Wedding’ board for example.

If you have more than one obvious theme running through your main board, go back and repeat the last few steps until you have a lot of themes and colour combos you like. Perhaps you can incorporate two into one eventually!

By this time you should have loads of ideas and a bigger overall vision of your future wedding (Yay!) but I would always keep going with your boards and see where they take you with the finer details, but try not to go too overboard (pardon ze pun).

You may muddle your ideas and find that it’s slightly too much to pull into a wedding ‘brand’ if you have loads of pins – perhaps 6 pins are exactly enough to build your dream wedding from – have an experiment!

This step by step Pinterest plan can help you find your feet when you have no idea what direction to look, so I hope you have fun pinning and find your personal medley of wedding ideas that spark your creative juices!

The best part? You can share these boards with your wedding planner, venue host, invitation designer (me! me! pick me! I’m a great stationery designer! #noshame) and your bridesmaids and groomsmen so you can all find dapper outfits to match your chosen colours and theme!

Love to all, keep being divine and take care XxXx